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Public Holidays / Closures

The BLS International Spain Visa application centres will close for business on the following public holidays in 2021:

Date Day Holidays  
1 January Wednesday New Year ***
19 March Friday Saint Joseph ****
1 April Thursday Holy Thursday ****
2 April Friday Holy Friday ****
1 May Saturday Labor Day ***
13 May Thursday Eid al Fitr (End of Ramadan) *
25 May Tuesday Africa Day **
20 July Tuesday Sacrifice Feast (Lamb feast) *
10 August Tuesday Muslim New Year *
12 October Tuesday National Day Spanish ***
19 October Tuesday Birth of the Prophet *
29 November Monday Independence of Mauritania (Sunday November 28, moves to Monday 29) **
6 December Monday Spanish Constitution ***
25 December Saturday Nativity of the Lord ***

* Variable Mauritanian parties.
** Fixed Mauritanian parties.
*** Spanish mandatory parties
**** Spanish parties chosen by the representation

In relation to the Mauritanian religious holidays, to the extent that they may vary slightly by day, those that are planned on the weekend have moved to the next business day.

December 24 and 31 are non-working days in the General State Administration. The Embassy will remain closed both days.